MARK IT™Locates Inc.

GPR Scanning

MARK IT™Locates Inc. uses GPR technology. This non-destructive testing technique allows you to inspect the interior of concrete structures before one drills, cuts, or cores without requiring the evacuation of personnel.

GPR scanning is also used to:

  • MARK IT™Locates Inc.

    Measure Slab Thickness

    Determine and record the slab thickness for both slab on grade and suspended - determine rebar depth to measure concrete cover in slabs, beams, and columns.

  • MARK IT™Locates Inc.

    Locate Conduit

    Map plastic and metal conduits to avoid damage when drilling, cutting, or coring through concrete.

  • MARK IT™Locates Inc.

    Locate Rebar

    Map rebar spacing and depth in concrete, including slab-on-grade with multiple layers of rebar/other embedded elements.

  • MARK IT™Locates Inc.

    Locate Post-tension Cables

    Map post-tension cables with precision to avoid damage when drilling, cutting, or coring through post-tensioned concrete.

  • MARK IT™Locates Inc.

    Map Underground Utilities

    Locate buried utilities, detect metals, plastics, and fiber optics to eliminate unnecessary digging and accidental damages.

  • MARK IT™Locates Inc.

    Locate Voids

    Locate voids under concrete structures, behind walls, in tunnels, etc.

  • MARK IT™Locates Inc.

    Locate USTs

    Find outer limits of underground storage tanks.